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Hello, my name is Steve Lankerd Sr. and here is a little background information about myself.... I was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in a small coastal town in Connecticut. At the age of 21 I heeded the words "Go West Young Man" and went to Ketchikan Alaska in 1976 to visit my cousin. I liked it well enough to find work and after a short period of time, I met a young woman, Norma, from the Tsimpshean Indian village of Metlakatla, and decided to settle down after a short courtship. After a brief stay in Ketchikan, Norma and I moved to Metlakatla. There, I found a job at the local sawmill, operated by Louisiana Pacific, and spent the next 20 years working various jobs from pulling lumber on the greenchain and grading lumber, to becoming the Quality Control Supervisor for 2 different sawmills. 2 years after moving to Metlakatla, Steve Jr was born insuring a continuation of the Lankerd name.  Steve Jr. has since passed away in 2013 from a rare lung illness but left us a wonderful Grandson.. Liam...

During my spare time from the job at the sawmill, I developed various scrimshaw and engraving techniques using Mammoth Ivory, fossilized Walrus Ivory, glass, different metals and the various wood species that grow and thrive in Southeast Alaska. I am continuously looking for different ways to use local materials to express the beauty of Southeast Alaska which I have found to be truly unique in comparison to any other area in the world.

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